Key Features and Benefits

Six forward speeds

Torque converter with an integral converter clutch; K factor of 171

Single planetary gear set

Double planetary gear set

Two fixed multi-disc clutches

Three multi-plate clutches

One-way clutch (OWC)

Lifetime transmission fluid (sealed transmission)

Adjustable shift points with electronic controls (communicates via J1939)

Lockout gears and adjust pressure of shifts

Electronic Diagnostics to aid in troubleshooting, which should lower service time and reduce costs

Transmission Drive Modes

Drive modes change the performance of electronic stability control, traction control, engine throttle response, transmission shifting and steering feel. Select the desired mode using the button on the end of the column shifter or side of the center console shifter.

Normal – Balanced combination of comfort and handling for everyday driving

Tow/Haul – Improves transmission operation with trailers and heavy loads, especially over steep grades

Sport – More aggressive gear selection and enhanced low-gear performance

Technical Specifications

Transmission Type Electronically Controlled
Torque Capacity 650 ft-lb (881 Nm) after converter
Converter Stall Torque 1.89; 171K
Multiplication 153K
Continuous 235 degrees F
Installation Angle No more than 5 degrees
Weight (lbs) 245
Transmission Fluid MERCON LV
Fluid Capacity 12.10 qt (11.45L)
Approximate Dimensions L x W x H 27.8 in (706.1 mm) x 17.1 in (434.3 mm) x 17.4 in (442 mm)