Key Features and benefits

Six forward speeds

Lepelletier powerflow

Fixed flange or slip yoke output connection

1 simple planetary and 1 ravigneaux gear set

5 clutch packs (3 rotating, 2 brake clutches)

Adjustable shift points with electronic controls (communicates via J1939)

Lockout gears and adjust pressure of shifts

Load reduction in Neutral capable

Technical Specifications

Transmission Type Electronically Controlled
Engine Torque 935 ft-lbs max
Converter K factor 125K gas, 97K diesel
Continuous 250 degrees F
Installation Angle No more than 5 degrees
Weight (lbs) 345
Transmission Fluid MERCON LV ATF
Fluid Capacity 4 gallons
Approximate Dimensions L x W x H 30.3 in (769 mm) x 18.7 in (475 mm) x 19.5 in (495 mm)