Key Features and Benefits

Dual-equal variable cam timing for outstanding torque

Cam torque actuated variable cam timing optimizes intake and exhaust valve opening and closing events to maximize fuel economy

Distributorless Ignition system and Twin spark plugs ensure a smooth stable idle and efficient combustion

Large single intake and exhaust valves for outstanding breathing

Individually chain-driven camshafts with a hydraulic timing chain tensioner on each timing chain

Stiff overhead cam roller-rocker shaft valvetrain

High-strength deep skirt block with 4 bolt mains and side bolts for strength and durability

High compression ratio enhances engine efficiency

Tuned composite intake manifold and ports tuned for optimal airflow for excellent torque across entire engine speed range

Cast exhaust manifolds for heavy-duty operation and durability

Piston cooling jets for improved fuel economy and durability

Flexible Fuel (E85) and Gaseous Fuel capable

Electronic Returnless Fuel System (ERFS)

Adaptive knock control

Technical Specifications

Engine Type 8-cylinder, 90°V, Single Overhead Cam, 16-valve
Block/Head Material Cast Iron/Aluminum
Bore x Stroke (in.) 4.02 x 3.74
Displacement 6.2L (379 CID)
Main Bearings 5
Compression Ratio 9.8:1
Fuel Injection Sequential Multi-port Electronic Fuel Injection
Valve Operation Roller-Rocker Shaft & Hydraulic Lash Adjusters
Power (HP @ RPM) 385 @ 5750 rpm
Torque (Lb.-ft.@ RPM) 430 @ 3800 rpm
Oil Capacity/Spec 7 qts. / SAE 5W-30 Premium Synthetic Blend (2016)
Weight (lbs.) 580
Dimensions (mm) H x W x L 1024 x 794 x 867