6-speed Automatic with SelectShift Capability

Engine power is matched with gears to provide better performance and smoother shifts

Refined to help improve fuel efficiency

Low friction materials used in clutch plates

Efficient pump performance with improved line pressure regulation

Active transmission warm-up (ATWU) system provides a fast heat-up of transmission fluid for better-operating efficiency

Full electronic solenoid control of clutch elements

SelectShift manual mode

Progressive Range Select

Transmission Drive Modes

Drive modes change the performance of electronic stability control, traction control, engine throttle response, transmission shifting and steering feel. Select the desired mode using the button on the end of the column shifter or side of the center console shifter.

Normal – Balanced combination of comfort and handling for everyday driving

Tow/Haul – Improves transmission operation with trailers and heavy loads, especially over steep grades

Sport – More aggressive gear selection and enhanced low-gear performance

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